Three Non-Material Things…

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12:30am, this Thursday morning (my last morning), in Ubud.  The stage lights here at the Onion Collective had just been switched off, and the moon shown beautifully through her cloak of fog, and the silhouettes of pregnant papaya trees.

The delightfully rowdy Irish folk, their bantering partners from the witty UK crowd, and the deeply reflective Germans had all gone to bed for the night, but my new Australian friend an I stayed floating blissfully around the pool – contemplating life, between laughter-filled turns down the water slide.

We’d been talking about remembering to be grateful… him saying he thought about that a lot, but probably didn’t actually do it enough.

“If any of us actually did it enough, we’d probably just be wandering around in total awe all the time”, I replied.

A serious air fell, as he turned to look right at me, with the sort of direct eye contact that makes something in you snap to attention.

“Name three non-material things you’re grateful for, right now”.  He challenged.


Without missing a beat,  I told him the three closest to front of mind in the moment…

  1.  My family here, the Onion Tribe. Since I’ve been at this co-working/co-living space for nearly a couple months now, I’ve been part of a few cycles of the ever-changing core group. Each iteration has been fun, affectionate, and beautiful.

2. Having returned here, to myself.  Or to facets of myself that had become covered over for awhile.

3. The reemergence of music within me.  So many casual jam sessions.  So many sound healings.  So many good old fashioned rock n roll cover bands.  So many ceremonies, and bonfires, and incredible artists, and courageous self-expressers, and unexpected exquisiteness, and just so much yes.

I realize, something he’d said a few moments earlier simply can’t be argued with….

Bali: It’s not horrible. :-)

What are your three right now?

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2 thoughts on “Three Non-Material Things…”

  1. 1. Reconnecting with the parts within me that are forever interested in cultures, traveling, language, dance, music, the world…

    2. Practicing gratitude daily and choosing to take care of and listen to me.

    3. Meeting and being with people who dream big and want to share prices of their lives.

    …when are you returning to LA?

  2. 1. The love and openness that I have been blessed to be able to experience with the oneness of the universe

    2. The love and ever growing relationship with my spiritual, soul-sister, daughter.

    3. To be grateful for being a part of this learning experience of life. Learning to relax and let life be………to go with it to see where it takes me.

    Thank you so much, my very precious daughter, for sharing and allowing me to experience a part of your amazing journey. I Love You.

    Mama XOXO <3 😉

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