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So it turns out... - YouTube

Video magic thanks to Symone-Elisa Guerra. Also, inspiration thanks to Symone, and our roommate-Spoken-Word-Youtube-earbuds-Slam-Jam at the Onion Collective, Ubud… I’d been wondering about my place in the world a lot, and writing poetry a lot, and feeling a lot, and she played a piece from Andrea Gibson for me, and this poem just came out. 

(First poetry video ever — Eeep!)
So it turns out
I’m a poet.

I guess I’m
Not broken after all

I guess I
Am okay when I
feel more deeply
Cry more readily
Long for the embrace of the

She goddess
He firey sun
They ocean waves
We tree leaves
Woven together
So tight

So it turns out
I’m supposed to shiver at the touch of the wind
And swoon at the shared moments
And jokes
And hearts
Of fellow passing travelers.

I guess I’m
Not weak
For needing time to pull it in
Space to soak it up

To hear myself breathe
And feel my skin
Collecting the memories of “we”
Gathering the tingle of our lives
So that someone
Can remind us who we are.

It turns out, I’m a poet.
I guess I’m a flag bearer for the way things might be
Could be
May be

I guess I’m not damaged
With my scars that adorn
My skin and my heart,
And the fractures that have strengthened my bones
For generations past.
The pain that sometimes rises from centuries ago
The wounds we all carry but sometimes only I feel

I guess I’m not crazy
When sometimes life gets so big and so full
And so tender
And sweet
And perfect
That all that’s left is wonder.

Because someone needs to shout the reminder.
That the
E in emotion
Is more than just the
E in email

That kisses and hugs are more than just
Ascii characters “x” and “o”

That to be human is more than to produce
That to live is more than just to do
That to breathe is both and inhale
And an exhale.

I guess I’m a poet.
Cause it turns out we did come with a manual
And its written in the blood that dances our veins
In the bones that cradle our every step,
In the feelings
Moment brings

We just forgot how to read it.

So it turns out I’m a poet
Cause someone has to teach us all
How to read again.

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3 thoughts on “So it turns out…”

  1. You are a poet….and so much more….

    Is this a calling? I can feel that if you put your heart felt words and sincere emotion to some beautiful tune that you have composed……and then sing it with your amazing voice and with all of the feelings (and beyond) that you possess … will have a #1 Top Hit for sure to share with everyone! …………. This with all of the ease of an Angel.

    If it’s a calling or not…it’s beautiful…and possibly a start to so much more. Enjoy your sweet, creative soul. I know I do!

    Go for it Sweetheart………

    Mama XOXO

  2. So beauty FULL to read the words that flow thru your soul so vibrantly, so effortlessly it seems…
    So beauty FULL to read the words of your mama encouraging you forward with the deep love of one who has carried you deep in her belly and birthed you to rise…
    So beauty FULL to feel your words take to the page, like a fish to water, to inspire us, instinctively, full of the rapture of LIFE that you embody in each moment I have witnessed the beauty of your SOUL…
    Thankyou dear heart Thank YOU

    1. Oh Vasumi… *swoon* <3 <3 <3 I'm so so so grateful you're in my life now. Thank you for your beautiful words and heart.

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