Returning to Silence


Today’s post is a brief one – really just sort of an FYI.

I’m hopping in a car this morning and heading up through 3 hours of 3rd world roads, jungles, rice terraces, and who knows what else, to get back up to the mountains.

Actually, to get back in to deep, deep quiet stillness.

I’ve dedicated myself to my second 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat, this time at the beautiful Brahama Vihara Arama Buddhist monastery, in the northern Bali district of Buleleng.

I couldn’t be more delighted.  I got so much out of the retreat I did last year, even with the mental struggles, and physical pain (turns out the body doesn’t enjoy just sitting for 12-14 hours a day), and mental struggles, and physical pain… and then all the good stuff which is much more difficult to put words to.

This one is lead by a different lineage, and about half of the meditation time will be done while walking.  My body is thrilled that it may not come out feeling quite so rusted over, as it did from the last one.

I don’t know what to expect, and I’m grateful for the wisdom of that.

Going in open.

This blog too will, naturally, be quiet for a couple weeks.

See you in June!


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