The Path of Entrepreneurship: Learning to Pivot

I’d worked for years, trying to get my company to the point where it didn’t need me involved in daily operations. Specifically, my aim was “how many more clients do we need, before I can afford my current lifestyle, without having to run any sessions myself?” I thought that question, and that number, were the keys to the location-independent lifestyle I longed for. Continue reading “The Path of Entrepreneurship: Learning to Pivot”

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The Path of Entrepreneurship: Their First Sale

My entrepreneurship journey on this site won’t read chronologically. I just shared my origin story, but I have to jump ahead, because last week was a milestone week, and I have to write about it to process it. Continue reading “The Path of Entrepreneurship: Their First Sale”

Cost of Nomadic Living: Bali

I spent the last 2 ½ months soaking up the relaxed tropical bliss of Bali. Don’t misunderstand though — just because I spent time sipping coconuts, swapping life stories, and gazing at the lightning of distant thunderstorms, doesn’t mean that I left behind everything from home.

One deep-seated passion that came through each day with me? Spreadsheets.

Continue reading “Cost of Nomadic Living: Bali”

Books for the Plane: Choose Yourself

Disclaimer: This isn’t an objective book review. It’s the personal story of how one book recently interacted with my life and travels. I share because I think there’s useful nuggets here, but if it seems like it’s all about me… it’s ‘cause these are the only eyes I get to see through! Continue reading “Books for the Plane: Choose Yourself”

Three Non-Material Things…

12:30am, this Thursday morning (my last morning), in Ubud.  The stage lights here at the Onion Collective had just been switched off, and the moon shown beautifully through her cloak of fog, and the silhouettes of pregnant papaya trees.

The delightfully rowdy Irish folk, their bantering partners from the witty UK crowd, and the deeply reflective Germans had all gone to bed for the night, but my new Australian friend an I stayed floating blissfully around the pool – contemplating life, between laughter-filled turns down the water slide. Continue reading “Three Non-Material Things…”

Songs for the Ride: Alaska

My “Songs for the Ride” series aims to share with you my ever growing and changing playlist for the road-trip through life… especially when they directly relate to our travels.

I love emotion.  I love aliveness, and having my heartstrings pulled, and awe and wonder and appreciation. I also love poetic subtlety, and when all of those massive human feelings emerge out of something quietly simple and tender.

I’m about to share with you a video that primarily features two people sitting quietly listening to a song.  What comes out is, to me, magic. Continue reading “Songs for the Ride: Alaska”