Movies for Wanderlusters: Brooklyn

Brooklyn.  2015. 1hr51 mins, English. Directed by John Crowley, and starring Saorise Ronan and Emory Cohen

I was on a plane to Bali, when I learned of this sweet art house film. I had just hit the reset button on my own life, extricating myself from a deeply entrenched role in the company I had founded, broken the lease on my apartment, ended a romantic relationship, and headed off for a several month sabbatical in the tropics.

All I knew about this movie was the in-flight sumaary synopsis: “Eilis leaves Ireland for the shores of 1950s New York CIty, where she embarks on a new life.”

Doesn't she just look ready to set off into a new life?
Doesn’t she just look ready to set off into a new life?

Solo travel to carve out a new life?  Yes, sign me up.

The movie wasn’t some groundbreaking masterpiece of cinema, but the lead girl was so tenderly acted that her quietly introverted struggle to find her place in the world pulled deeply at my heartstrings, and may have caused the shedding of a tear or two before the movie ended.

Saoirse Ronan as Eilis - image from
Saoirse Ronan as Eilis – image from

I like not knowing much about movies going into them, so I won’t give anything away for you, except to add it to the list of movies you might enjoy.  Especially in those “new life” moments where your desire to start fresh seems a little crazy to everyone around you, and you just want to see it understood and reflected at you on screen.

Goes well with airplane peanuts :-)


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