If I had it all to do over…

I’m in the process of closing my business… and it feels like ripping the sharp shards of a shattered heart out of my chest.  I knew it would end eventually, but I didn’t see all the grief it would bring with it.  I’m left hurting, and questioning,  “If I had it all to do over again, what would I do differently?” Continue reading “If I had it all to do over…”

Setting Down Stealth Mode

For those of us heavily engaged in Lifestyle design, it can be tempting to feel like we’re cheating the system. I mean, obviously “they system” (as Tyler Durden and a slew of counter culture characters, fictional and living, have told us) is rigged… rigged to keep us unsatisfied, so we’ll buy stuff we can’t afford, and have to keep working, generally at jobs we’re not passionate about, which allows the system to produce more stuff to sell us because we’re unsatisfied with working all the time. Money and man hours keep getting fed to the machine. Continue reading “Setting Down Stealth Mode”

On Walking Away…

I don’t know exactly where I’m headed.

I’ve gotten used to telling people “I’m getting in my car, and volunteering my way around the country”. I do believe that much to be true. But a specific itinerary? A list of must-see’s and must-do’s? The new-agey “clear positive future vision” pulling me forward? Nope. Mostly the misty mystery of the vast unknown.

Approximately the next week is known – it begins with a drive to help someone I love move from L.A. to Portland. The car is loaded with all our stuff, and we’re en route now. After that, there’s a few key special events and scattered reunions with other loved ones in the coming months, but mostly open time, for following the pull of the wind.

Today, on this first day out of Los Angeles, I’m amazed at the power of leaving. Continue reading “On Walking Away…”

It’s Hard to Write in L.A.

This won’t be my favorite blog post.

It seems there’s a good chance I won’t even like it when it’s done.

But I can’t let that stop me from writing it.

I’ve been in Los Angeles for the last 8 months. Yes, Los Angeles is my hometown, but in order to retain my sanity upon departing Bali, I had to first get clear that I wasn’t “going back home”.  This had to be a new chapter. Continue reading “It’s Hard to Write in L.A.”

Listen, I Need Sleep

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”, they say.

“Stay busy”, our culture teaches us, as a central touchstone of mental health.

But when you’ve made the choice to Lifecation, and you don’t necessarily have to fill your time with the demands of others, arbitrary busy-ness, for busy’s sake, doesn’t make sense. Continue reading “Listen, I Need Sleep”

Basic Mayan Calendar Mechanics

This post is going to be a little bit dense.  It is the second half of a two-part introduction to the Mayan Calendar. Part 1 is here.

Okay, so now you know my personal story of finding resonance with a new way of keeping time. Maybe you’re interested in exploring whether the Gregorian calendar is subtly encouraging you to make life harder than it has to be. Maybe you’re curious about what the Mayan calendar can tell you about your personality and purpose. Maybe you just like me enough to keep reading whatever I write (Thanks! I’m totally touched.) Whatever the case, let’s start to look a little deeper at this whole calendar thing. Continue reading “Basic Mayan Calendar Mechanics”