A Song for my Mother


I remember, mama
The magic time. The freedom places
The life of love and play
That you made for us.

I never forgot, but this place makes it
The thing that matters again.
You’d love it here.

I remember, mama
Laying on the floor. Closed eyes.
Just seeing where the music takes us.
They do that here.
And make livings from “sound healing”
And I’m learning to do it too
You’d love it here.

I remember, mama
Summers under the tree.
Painting pictures, playing games.
They do that here
Learning to make jewelry or colors or tigers carved from watermelons
Just because they can.
You’d love it here.

I remember, mama
“It’s all part of the adventure”
Your code for life,
Before my perfectionistic conditioning told me
I had to be smart enough to

I remember, mama
Before work made you stop hugging
Because it wasn’t professional
Before I learned to pull back too.

I remember, mama
Before layers of fear made life seem so hard
Before the stacking
The stuffing
The training
The judging
The rights and wrongs
And rights and wrongs
And rights and wrongs

You just loved, no matter what
They do that here
I remember you
And you’d love it.

I remember, mama
Laughter so hard you needed your inhaler
And incense and candles and dancing in circles
They do that here,
And long hugs and deep cares and eye contact too
You’d love it here

I remember, mama
The healing with hands, passed down through our family line
The songs and stories
Remade into the songs of your heart
They do that here,
Gathering in circles
Raising voices into the night
Reminding us we’re better than we think.
I remember you
You’d love it here.
Maybe I’ll get to bring you here someday
So we can remember together
And dance and play and laugh
Exactly as we are
Tasting again that sweetness that can’t hide for long.

Even now, you’re with me, mama.
As we do what we do here, bringing back what got buried.
We peel off the layers
We burn off the fear
We learn again, what you taught:
To trust.

We sing to restore the world of the heart
We dance to rebirth creativity, love, wonder
We gather to reclaim the magic of life

We’ll build you your world again.

I remember.

And you’ll love it here.

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9 thoughts on “A Song for my Mother”

  1. This is outstanding!!!!!! I am in love with this posting. I can hear it coming from such an authentic place!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you.

    1. Thank you, dear heart. I so feel and appreciate all the love and connection you’ve sent my way, on this journey. So grateful to call you a soul sister in this life! <3

  2. Please please please record this! I want to hear your voice singing/speaking this…it’s SO BEAUTIFUL

  3. My Dear Daughter, Heidi,
    Thank you for putting your feelings and thoughts into words. After many tissues and loving, warm-hearted tears, I was able to finish reading it. I do remember those very special times that came so naturally. I don’t doubt that I would love it there. Thank you for reminding me of how life was….how life is ….and how life can be. I just need to reawaken it, dust it off, and enjoy living the adventure of life again.
    If it is in our destiny to experience Bali together, that would be amazing. Maybe someday I will call Bali home, and you can visit me when you are on one of your worldly adventures.
    In any case, my precious daughter, I am so grateful and I thank you for your beautiful thoughts put into a beautiful poem and song. I can’t wait to hear the music.
    I am extremely happy for you to be open to and experiencing this opportunity of a lifetime.
    Thank you for your heartfelt words. Thank you for sharing. I am right there with you, my love.
    I Love You,
    Mama XOXO ♡♡♡♡

  4. I also agree with Kimbo. Those beautiful words, set to lovely music, being sung by your angelic voice…..WOW…..I anxiously await for this amazing experience. I had better go purchase some more tissues!
    I love you and your precious, sweet soul.
    Love, Mama

    1. It’s actually a poem with no melody (I know, the word “song” makes that confusing!) , but I’ve recorded it now, and it’s up! Eep! (I should buy stock in the Kleenex company, maybe?)

  5. Very nice Little Angel. Thank you for sharing the treasures as you discover what they are you. Many others will be able to relate & thus, hopefully, take time to peek into their own treasure chests. Lead on—–

    Love you———-

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