Basic Mayan Calendar Mechanics

This post is going to be a little bit dense.  It is the second half of a two-part introduction to the Mayan Calendar. Part 1 is here.

Okay, so now you know my personal story of finding resonance with a new way of keeping time. Maybe you’re interested in exploring whether the Gregorian calendar is subtly encouraging you to make life harder than it has to be. Maybe you’re curious about what the Mayan calendar can tell you about your personality and purpose. Maybe you just like me enough to keep reading whatever I write (Thanks! I’m totally touched.) Whatever the case, let’s start to look a little deeper at this whole calendar thing. Continue reading “Basic Mayan Calendar Mechanics”

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The Path of Entrepreneurship: Leaving the Kids

I’d been out of town for days, and there was no word from my administrative manager. She’d have an end-of-week report coming in tomorrow, according to the schedule we’d crafted, and she’d completed the beginning of the week account review, as she’d been doing for months now, but in between? Silence.

Could everything really be going that smoothly? Continue reading “The Path of Entrepreneurship: Leaving the Kids”

Chocolate Quakes

Last night a girl friend called to confide
That she’s probably leaving her long-term relationship.

I felt tired as we talked,
But didn’t see the monsters coming down the hall.

I didn’t notice the monsters creeping up from under my bed
Until I saw the empty chocolate wrappers
And realized I’d been scarfing.

Continue reading “Chocolate Quakes”

The Path of Entrepreneurship: Learning to Pivot

I’d worked for years, trying to get my company to the point where it didn’t need me involved in daily operations. Specifically, my aim was “how many more clients do we need, before I can afford my current lifestyle, without having to run any sessions myself?” I thought that question, and that number, were the keys to the location-independent lifestyle I longed for. Continue reading “The Path of Entrepreneurship: Learning to Pivot”

The Path of Entrepreneurship: Their First Sale

My entrepreneurship journey on this site won’t read chronologically. I just shared my origin story, but I have to jump ahead, because last week was a milestone week, and I have to write about it to process it. Continue reading “The Path of Entrepreneurship: Their First Sale”